Tuesday, November 1, 2011

October Snow

One morning last week we woke up to snow!  It started gently falling as we were getting ready for bed, and made the world so white and new again.  This first snow was especially beautiful since we still have quite a bit of fall foliage around!  I cant recall a snow that stuck this early- it was quite fun!  Wes was cute getting reaquainted with the white stuff-

Blissfully unaware, I enjoyed this first snow.  Little did I know, we were in for a
real Nor'Easter just a few days later!

Sunday I woke up to this... a foot of heavy wet snow, and NO power!
 Never mind though, Liv's show was canceled, it was a weekend suddenly free, and the horses were all tucked safely inside!
 Bill and Olivisa toiled a bit to get the "new" snowmobile running, then there was much zooming around!  I think both sleds used a tank of gas!  I must admit to a few trips around the field myself!

The kids went in and out all day, and Wes learned the fine art of slurping hot cocoa.
 Since we were nearing the 24 hour mark with no power and Grandma Beth had brought us lunch, we needed to think about cooking some dinner.  Auntie Anna slaved over the fire at the farm house and made a wonderful beef stew!  We ate melting ice cream for dessert, and it was a wonderful day... even if we did miss the towns "Beggar's Night" trick or treating.
 The littlest cousins fell right to sleep after an exciting day
I hope this isn't a taste of whats to come...we were without power short of 2 days... and I am so not ready for winter yet!

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