Sunday, October 23, 2011

A post for Nanny

Thru the Hunt Club, we have made a wonderful new friend!  Nanny is the Mother and Grandmother (or Nanny!) of another Mom/Daughter riding team.  She attends all the meets she can, and is a super social butterfly!  She took right to Billy and Westley the first time we met her, and I look forward to seeing her at every hunt!  I love her sense of humor and kind soul~ she is a real fire cracker and such a hoot to be around!  She makes such yummy food too- she has a reputation with all the riders for making spectacular offerings at tea.
A few weeks back, she presented me with this lovely typed up recipe collection- complete with horse picture on front!  As she was handing it to me, Wes got his eye on it and grabbed right for it.  He was looking at the horse picture as we said our "good-byes"  I put him into his seat to whisk Sav off to cheer, and he fell asleep clutching it!  He napped the whole nap with it held tight in his fist.  This one's for you Nanny!  And, I WILL be making that "nutty broccoli slaw"~ if only to mess with Savanna!

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  1. Thank you for those kind words. Love,Nanny