Sunday, October 23, 2011

Soup & Bread

Bill finally succumbed to the stomach bug that has been rampant in our house... it has been nearly 3 weeks, now everyone has had it; well, except for Wes who got it twice, (and we gave it to Mom and Dad too)  In an effort to be "wifely" and "comfort my man" in his hour of need, I made homemade bread and chicken rice soup for dinner tonight!

Actually, I had the chicken bones in the freezer waiting for a crisp afternoon to make soup- and I love my bread machine, so... the stars were just in the right alignment for "sick-o" to get some chicken soup lovin' tonight!

All afternoon Wes was pestering Daddy- he made an easy target all layed out helpless in the recliner.  After a particularly annoying game which consisted mostly of repeatidly landing a toy helicopter on Daddy's cranium and a subsequent cracker throwing fit by Bill I tried intervene and tempted Wes away with offers of "helping Mommy make dinner."  He helped to "chop" carrots and celery for the soup, then wanted to cut the bread too. 

He jabbed at the poor loaf for quite some time, it was pretty funny when I sliced it up- it was all squished inside!  Then, when it came time to eat dinner, Mr. Helper came up with an ingenious way to eat his soup:

He carefully scooped out all his favorite veggies, and loaded them onto his piece of bread

Then used the bread to carry them to his mouth!  Clever boy!!


  1. Brilliant! Makes you wonder why we never thought of eating our bread and soup like that before ;)

  2. Alex, that boy is so cute and smart sometimes I don't know what to think!