Tuesday, October 4, 2011

IEA Season Opener

 Olivia's IEA team has started back up, and she went to her first show a few weekends back.  She had a tough ride, on a tired horse who was hard to canter... she placed 6th, so did get a point... but maybe not the start we had anticipated!  The show was well run, and Wes and I enjoyed the day- plus Olivia loves anything she does with her team; I swear she would have fun sitting with her team all day and not even riding at all!  We got her new tall boots to start the season so her feet were a bit sore... but she rode thru and despite the pain (and having a cold too!) had a smile on her face all day long!
We have 4 or 5 more shows lined up, one is the first that the team has hosted alone.  That day should be busy for all of us but a great step for this team.  I'm looking forward to seeing what these girls have in store this season...

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