Sunday, October 23, 2011

Orris Falls Conservation Hike

Today was our first Cub Scout Pack meeting, and we took advantage of a lovely fall day and took a hike!  It was perfect- crisp air, sunlight streaming thru the colored leaves... quintessential New England ... 

We hiked on a conservation land trail, out to a very cool geological formation.  We passed a nice stream (with a waterfall) flowing thru a steep gorge and a beaver pond (saw the dam and a half chewed tree) and saw many large granite boulders.  Wes walked a little ways, then rode in the backpack- and promptly fell asleep!  He napped most of the hike out, while we were at the balancing rock, and then most of the way back!  Silly boy

The "point" of the hike was to get out to "balancing rock."  It is so cool that this is right in our town (and I never knew!)  The "glacial erratic" is really a sight to see- I'm hopeful that we can get back here with the horses, the trail was very nice and for the most part very rideable!  It was just under 3 miles- a great length for the boys.
Yes, that is Wes fast asleep in his pack, parked under the balancing rock!

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