Friday, October 14, 2011

It's Fall Around Here

It's really happening... the leaves are changing, the horses coats are growing in, the nights are getting colder... It's undeniable...  Fall is here!
 Wes has been having way too much fun with the pumpkins and gourds I put in the steps.  Just about daily I have to fetch them all from the driveway- he likes to roll them off their perches and down the stairs!
 Olivia went to Camp Meridian and had the best weekend- the weather was amazing!  The drive up there was perfect for leaf peeping!  Because this camp is always on Columbus Day weekend, its an easy way to remember the things that happen while she is away... like this was the 2nd anniversary of the weekend I broke my ankle... our anniversary of getting Otis... 

 The horses are all happy and starting to puff out with winter coats!  Grace and Beau and Squeeke have been in here and there- staying dry with some fall rain we've had.  They all seem to enjoy the barn, and Beau especially has to be dragged out!  He would really rather just hang out in his stall~  We have a formal hunt this weekend and the weather is supposed to be nice again.  I'm looking forward to riding~
 Last weekend we went to MacDougals with Auntie and Nic
 We picked loads of apples, did the petting zoo, corn maze and ate apple cider donuts
 It was the perfect way to spend the afternoon!
 Then on Sunday, Savy, Wes and I went down to Hampton NH and met up with Kelley and Sam for another round of fall fun!
 AppleCrest is quite the attraction- it was busy and filled with activities for everyone to do!  The boys were so cute, and it was so nice to see Kel, especially since it was her birthday!  She and Geoff are now just about half way to meeting their next little Palmer!  I am so excited for them!!
 The boys both really enjoyed the "train" ride out to the orchard, and despite some difficult picking, they seemed to like being out in the apple trees!
 We had yummy donuts and cider here too, but then day turned quite warm, so some ice cream really hit the spot! 

I hope you are enjoying the fall weather, and are able to get out and frolic a bit before winter sets in!  I know we are having fun, this really is my favorite season!


  1. So much fun! I absolutely love the fall! I just wish it lasted a little while longer and that winter didn't follow. I'd love to see Maine in the fall with all of your beautiful trees! I'll bet the leaves are gorgeous :)

  2. Some really lovely photos, Alex! I didn't know Kelly is pregnant- hope this one ends a little easier!

  3. Thanks so much for posting the photos Alex - I love them all! The boys were so cute and Savanna is such a fantastic older sister :)

    Also, for you and your Mom - we found out today we are having a little girl :) We are so excited and I can't wait to meet her. Here's hoping she comes out with no complications - super easy - fast recovery - aka not Sam's style of entering the world.