Tuesday, October 4, 2011

Birthday Bill

Today is Bill's birthday, and while I try to make sure he knows how much he is appreciated on a daily basis, the celebration of his birth seems like reason enough to take time out to thank him for all he does!

I am so grateful that he provides in such a way that I can stay home- I love being a Mom, and giving that role my full attention is really important to me!  I might fuss and moan now and again, but I really do like what I do!  I try to stay grounded and not take what I have for granted.  We really do have everything we need (and then some!!)  I appreciate that while things might not always be done the way he would like, he is always appreciative of what I do.  I love that he is supportive of my trying to stay active with horses.  I love how much he loves his kids.  He makes me laugh, and makes me smile.  He loves me despite (or is it in spite of?) my faults and flaws... 

I am especially thankful of all the hard work Bill is putting into "my" barn at the moment. I know he would really rather be building himself a garage! It's amazing all the things he can do- I can't wait to see what the next year has in store!

We had a little lunch while my Mom and Dad were here this weekend, and I made a rich chocolate cake.  It wasn't the traditional angel food his Mom makes, but since his parents are away I thought I'd branch out, and we can have the real "Birthday" cake when they get home! 
I also had to include this picture of Mom in the hot tub- all the Grand kids wanted to go in after we had cake... so good Grandma that she is, she jumped right in! 


  1. He is a pretty great guy. Happy Birthday, Bill!

  2. Happy birthday Bill!!

    Your barn and arena look like so much fun. You are really going to enjoy it when it is all done! Then you will have more time to ride.