Tuesday, October 4, 2011

Early Fall

The kids are back at school and I am so much busier than when they were home for the Summer!  Wes and I have my barn chores, and he has swim on Monday, Music on Wednesday and we go to Story time at the Library on Thursdays... Then after school is a wreck with Savy in Drama at her school, and Cheer plus Olivia's riding and her drama... not to mention Girl and Cub Scouts... Any spare time is spent out in the barn, I guess my blog has been suffering, but I'm really happy with how everything is going: 
 Two of the main (exterior) doors are up, one more and we will be all buttoned up!  The tack room wall is in; one door (and cat door too!) and a make shift step.  The saddle racks and bridle hooks are up, and I have pretty much moved in!  We had a wash out with a stretch of rain we had, so one day was spent doing some damage control and landscaping.  All of that sort of "messed" up the arena site, so looking out there makes me sad, but I'll be happy not to have the aisle flooding.  Dad has been hard at work on some of the stone walls, and it looks amazing!! 
 With all the hard work I have to find time to actually enjoy the horses!  I have been having fun fox hunting Beau.  He has been great!  He seems to totally love it- he's almost a bit too excited in my opinion!  A while back we hosted a pace, and while the rest of the family toiled away to make the event happen, Olivia and I rode!  We joined up with a student of mine and a friend of hers, and the 4 of us had a great ride.  We were fast, and ended up placing 3rd, but it was fun for sure- and it was so nice to come out to the stirrup cup, and find the gang all there!

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