Tuesday, November 1, 2011


For the most part, the tack room has come together.  I'm hopeful that the ceiling will be going in tomorrow (that's the wood leaning up)
 Bill built me a nice big, deep grain bin... I love it!  It holds a ton of grain, and keeps it all nice and neat and not spilling out onto the floor!
 Anna handed down to me a set of cupboards, uppers and lowers!  They are maybe not the prettiest (unless you love the late 80s!) but they are very functional and will help keep all our stuff organized!  I think I am really going to like having the counter space.
The back wall is all saddles, and the side bridles and trunks.  I'm sure there will be a bit more tweaking, but for now it is functioning well; I need to figure out blanket storage... and a second "back" door is still in the works... but mostly my tack room is done!