Sunday, November 27, 2011

Nearby to Santa

Olivia's High School Chorus group sang christmas carols at the town tree lighting ceremony on Saturday.  Jon Leeke was here visiting, so we all went downtown to participate in the festivities.   
 We really wanted to get Wes' picture with Santa.  However, just a few seconds after we arrived at the mill field, we had a diaper accident.  He was napping when it was time to leave the house, so I changed him carefully as he slept...and I guess I didn't get the snaps tight enough.  He was standing looking as Santa thru the gazebo when he peed all down his leg... he soaked his pants... so I walked back to the car... but, when I left for shopping Friday I had thrown the diaper bag into the truck... an never grabbed it back.... so.... no pants for Wes! 

Even with the familiarity of Poppie's beard, Wes wanted nothing to do with Santa.  Mrs. Claus' goodie bags, however were temptation enough to get near  Santa!

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