Tuesday, March 26, 2013

3-12-13 Billy's day

Billy turned 11 a few weeks back- I'm a bad blogger for taking this long to post about it! The girls finally got me on Facebook and as I suspected it takes some of my "posting" time. Oh well, better late then never!

On his actual birthday we had pizza and brownie sundaes as a family.

He opened the package Grandma and Grandpa Houston had sent. He got some great swim gear... Ready for summer despite the mountains of snow we still have!

Then on the weekend we had a joint celebration for he and Jayson. They were both very good about "sharing" their parties.

That evening I had an ice cream cake for him. We got him a nice sleeping bag to use as we plan to do some camping this summer and as a Boy Scout now he will be headed off on a lot more trips. He got some cool toys, a shopping spree and an amazon gift card.

I know I always say it- but time sure does fly. I think that maybe because Billy was the "baby" for so long, it hits me harder with him. He is really starting to be more of a preteen and less of a little boy. It sure is cool to watch him grow and change. Happy Birthday B!

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