Saturday, March 7, 2009

Riding Squeekers part 2

Savanna and I walked down the drive so she could get used to Miss SQ. They were doing just fine, so after a photo op at the end of the driveway, we headed back to the house to swap horses.
Savanna and Squeeke were doing so well, we let Olivia get on Sonny. The girls were so cute with their matching Palomino ponies! Sonny was being very good about babysitting both the girls, and Squeeke! I was so pleased with him (given his time off!)

Bill walked them down and back the first few times- they did great! We were reminding Savanna of all the things Bill and I had "tested" Squeeke on earlier. She did great keeping her distance and making her point when needed. We want her to be able to really ride- not just be a passenger; I think Squeeke will be great for this job. She is the perfect combo. Really safe but with a bit of a challenging personality. She needs to know who's boss- and Savanna needs to learn to assert herself. They are going to be a great pair! Squeeke tested a few times and with some coaching Savanna was able to firmly make her point and be more of a rider than a passenger. I hope it was the beginning of a fine relationship!

After a million walk trips up and down, they did a wee bit of trotting. The driveways was not the best footing, but they made the most of it! They both even got a bit of accidental canter- Savanna was having a hard time regulating Squeeke's trot (she kept saying- "she has such a fast trot!") and she broke to the canter for a few strides, they did fine though and she got the trot right back. Then, on the way back towards the house Savanna got ahead of Olivia and Sonny cantered to catch up. It sort of scared Olivia- she wasn't sure how to stop him and didn't want to run up Squeeke's butt. But we worked thru it, and she did great! Frankly, it was a lovely canter- and I was shocked that he offered it! Lazy beasty that he is (and I mean that in the nicest possible way Cindi!)

Both girls had a ball, and weren't afraid to say so...about a million times! We were so happy with all of them, and as much as I wanted to ride today- it was good for me to stand there and watch them "play!" Hopefully we will have many other opportunities to ride together- and getting Squeeke under saddle was just the first step in a long riding future here!


  1. ALEX!!!! that was just too cute for words!!! is there anything sweeter in the world that girls and their ponies!!!! I LOVED seeing that post... head for home tomorrow... so, I will catch up with you for the cookies... I have to be in North Berwick Tues am for an appointment....

  2. The grin on Savanna's face is so cute!! Olivia and Savanna, with their size difference on Sunny and Squeeke is just too funny!!!