Friday, March 27, 2009

Band of Brothers

While hanging out in the aisle of the barn at the clinic it is so obvious what a "club" you are in once you have a horse admitted. I already care so much about the horses that are there surrounding Beau. There is 'Harley' across the aisle who came in with colic. He is now being worked up to see if they can identify a medical reason as this is the second time recently where he has coliced. His owner is a lovely woman with whom I spent a long time chatting yesterday. She loves this guy dearly. Coming from what I like in a horse, and how I like my horses to act- we are in very different places. But he clearly brings her so much joy. You have to be one of us to know how she feels. I know nonhorse people just don't get it. But, even though I barely know her- I know exactly what she is going through.

Next door Beau has an older appy friend who was kicked in the head. He had to have surgery early this morning and he stopped breathing on the table. The vet team was able to get him back and his "family" were obviously very anxious today. They were so glad to have the outcome they did- and we spent a good long time just hanging over the wall chatting while they stood vigil over their guy. The (20something) son was there and he was totally loving on his old guy; we swapped stories and just hung out. You have this sort of acceptance that to be there- at this sort of place is a terrible thing. But, the other owners get that. We all know that you don't want to be doing this but everyone has resigned and accepted the situation and there is so much camaraderie among the clients.

I felt for 'Clay' and his family- they were in a stressful place... It is so interesting how at place like this; at times like these, you develop an almost instant bond with people. I found myself sharing like I would never normally do. There is something about this situation- about loving your animals so much that brings people together.

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  1. Hey Alex.. for what it's worth, I think you are very very wise to give Beau more time at the clinic... (and I can only imagine what that does to the bank account)... but having the weekend to catch your breath and knowing how quickly he has responded to this "aggressive" treatment, certainly will get both of you back on track... so very happy to read the "good report" today... prayers for all of you again tonite... hope your weekend is fun and relaxing......