Saturday, March 14, 2009

Birthday part 2

Today was Billy's "friends" party. This was the World of WarCraft invitation that I made. Bill did a "print screen" of Billy's character and I took it from there- there are no WOW party items to be found in any stores, so I had to be creative!
He wanted a WOW cake too. I had grand plans to copy a map off the game, but then the day got crazy with Beau and time was running short. The best I could come up with was this- the WOW logo. Actually the logo is this wording on a shield (?) with a border around it. I opted to do the words only. I think it came out OK for about 10 mins of work!

Some candles and it was a party! As per our tradition we did a treasure hunt to find the goodie bags. I did all my clues with World of Warcraft themes- I was impressed with how many WOW words I know! And that I was able to rhyme them too.
I had the hunt outside- it was almost 50 and a beautiful sunny day... there was no way I wanted them stuck inside! I think Billy had a good time- he is fighting a cold, and with all the excitement he had his requisite meltdown...but what kids party would be complete without one?!

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