Friday, March 6, 2009


A few days ago, I tried on our pony saddle. I wanted to get Squeeke all set in case we get a chance to get the girls up this weekend. I really want to ride tomorrow- it is supposed to hit 50! Heat wave!! The saddle actually fit quite nicely- but the smallest girth we had was still a bit loose on the highest holes. It probably would have been fine- but there is no way Savanna could have tightened it that far up. So, I called my friend this morning and asked if she would like to take a run over the our local tack shop. They have a few small rooms of consignment stuff, and I was hoping for a cheap girth. Well, I got lucky. They had one perfect for really reasonable. I got such a good deal I also picked out a pony pad (the one in the picture is Cindis- I borrowed it from her stash to try on the saddle. Thanks Cindi!) or maybe I got 2?! They make the cutest stuff in pony sizes, and, with this being my first mare- serious cuteness was to be had. I was also able to get a copy of a new book that's come out reviewing Maine's horseback riding trails and camp sites. It will be good for planning summer treks. A few other odds and ends- another tube or wormer as I'll have 5 horses to do this time around...a few more grain buckets as mine keep seeming to disappear (i think 2 are in the trailer?!)...a new hoof pick to keep the snow out of Beau's beautiful shoes... you know, all the "stuff" you really just HAVE to have! We then hit the grain store so I could stock up as I forgot to order for delivery today. Bummer, but it was a nice trip shopping and a fun morning catching up. Now, if we can just work it out to get over to the indoor tomorrow!

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  1. How fun. We love to jazz up our ponies too - especially when girls are riding.