Saturday, March 14, 2009

The saga continues

7:00am- Morning feed on the farm. I buted Beau with 2 more grams and soaked his hoof in epsom salts... he was not bearing weight on the left hind AT ALL. I made him walk the length of the fence line- he was hesitant to get going, but then was able to walk of 50 yds or so.. thinking abscess, I wanted to encourage some blood to pump through the hoof. I was so upset heading out this morning... last night he was miserable. He wasn't interested in his grain at all- he stood hanging his head and standing on 2 legs pawing with the 3rd, and had the left hind up in the air. I was very worried about him... I tubed his bute into him so I was sure he was getting the full 2grams, and I was hoping by this morning he would have some relief. Common knowledge being that once the abscess pops, pressure is relieved and pain should be mostly gone. Grrr. Here he is still sore!?

11:00am- Out for "lunch" and Beau now looks like this. He is unable to bear weight on the left hind at all. There is heat and swelling from the hoof to stifle. He is VERY tender to the touch- and still seems miserable. I'm not a fan of the baseball bat look- and with Bill's blessing called the vet!Of course, it's Saturday- that means Billy's birthday party... an an emergency call fee. But, he can't wait! Very concerned about systemic infection, I started him on SMZs and finished up my party prep. Dr. Kehir came just as I put the cake down in front of Billy. Of course she did. Bill went out to hold the beast while I finished up with the kiddos. lucky for me one of the Moms had stayed so I was able to rush out. The vet diagnosed him with cellulitis, and the obvious abscess, but said she was not sure that they are linked. She gave him penicillin and banamine and 3way (for the tetnus) She wants me to cold hose (thankfully it was almost 50 today!) 3xs a day for at least 15 mins. I'll continue the SMZs for 7 days and give him banamine tomorrow and Monday for pain. She says some cellulitis does not respond well to SMZs- so if there is no improvement in 48hrs, we will have to try another antibiotic.

She had me stack wrap him (not a wrapping technique I've had much need for- so no critique please!) after hosing... I am to wean him off the wrapping in a few days- once he starts to feel better and load more weight onto the limb. I was seriously worried about him today- but she says cellulitis often presents itself like this. Sigh- I think this horse is going to be the death of me!

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  1. "WOW" Alex, you had quite a day...I will put you and Beau in my prayers this evening... please continue to keep us up to date.... and Happy Bday to Billy....