Monday, March 16, 2009

Note to Otis

Yup, folks. About 9pm last night Otis got skunked. Actually I'm surprised that it has taken so long given that we live in the woods and he is a very playful pup. I didn't realize it had happened until he ran past me through the door- so he rolled on the living room carpet and then bolted up to Olivia's room- where he huddled up against her bed for comfort since I was screeching at him! It took an hour of bathing him to get to the point where I felt he could sleep in the house. Bill wanted to lock him in the barn- I knew he would be miserable! I found a recipe online for hydrogen peroxide, baking soda and dish soap- soaked the poor guy outside, then brought him back in. It did a good job- then I washed him in all the smelly fruity shampoos we had (and bills orange hand cleaner to boot!) Now I have to deal with the house- it certainly smells more than he does right now- and the stench is greatest outside by the barn- so he must have been down there. I'll run down to the pet shop and see what commercial products they have- I'm sure there are a ton of choices.
Seriously. When it rains it POURS!


  1. Ha! That happened to my Collie, Poko, awhile back. It was very late at night and she also got past me and into the house before I realized what was up. We tried bathing her in tomato juice because we had heard that would help...all it did was turn her pink. She spent the night in the garage and went to the groomer the next day for de-skunking. Good luck! I hope you find something to help you and your poor puppy.

  2. Oh dear, such a week you have had! Please please please don't get sick like we are over here!

  3. Our puppy got sprayed quite a few times before she seemed to leave the striped 'kitties' alone. Thanks for stopping by our blog. I liked yours. I hope your horsey is much better now. Scary stuff and I don't even know what stacked bandaging it, so I think yours looks pretty darn good. :-) TjandMark