Sunday, March 15, 2009

Day 2

This is what Beau looked like after I unwrapped him this morning. The swelling was only down slightly, but he seemed more comfortable- you could touch him without his flipping out! He actually went nose first into his grain for the first time in DAYS- yahooo! He had banamine and SMZs, then since he was interested in his grain I went back into the house. When I came back out an hour later, I opened him all up and headed out to hose him. Of course, the hose was frozen. So, the cast of characters:
Yup. 2 bags of frozen corn. Polos, and vet wrap (I know, it's not in the photo)

He needed cold therapy, so this is what he looked like when I was done! It turned out to be close to 50 again today, so the other hosings went much better! He still has no temp- and is tolerating all of the messing around so nicely. Its really a testament to his personality- he's such a sweet guy! He isn't pawing anymore- I'm happy to say... He went right for his grain this evening too, and is bearing weight when we walk to the hose. I'm hopeful that there will be even more improvement tomorrow and we wont have to go to the IV antibiotics. Ill keep you posted!

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