Sunday, March 29, 2009

Another Busy Weekend

Last night Savanna and I hurried home so she and Bill could attend the Daddy Daughter Dance. This is an annual event at the school, and for the first time Savanna had Daddy all to herself! Olivia is now to old to go, so Bill had just one "date." Savanna was very pleased with the pink dress we found. The straps were a little long so I had to sew them up a bit to shorten it- but overall she was very happy! It reminded me of a ballet costume, but it was certainly her "style" and she felt great in it! I burned myself on the curling iron, and her hair is so fine it doesn't hold a curl well...but you have to get ALL done up for the Daddy Daughter Dance!
I ran off this morning to see Beau since I didn't get over there yesterday. He looks good, but his Dr. wasn't there- so I didn't get to talk to anybody about him. He was still in the wrap from Friday. I'm not sure if they were planning to redo the dressing today or not- but I had to go early if I wanted to see him since we had Jayson's birthday and I had a lesson to teach which meant I missed the vet.
He is very itchy. I'm not sure if it is being in a climate controlled barn with winter hair, or the meds or the wrap... or a combination of them, but he "bites" at himself a lot. I can tell he is getting bored- he wanted to come of the stall as I came in and out! I groomed him really well taking time to itch him as I went- he was glad for the company I think. I will be happy to have him home, although the mud is getting pretty nasty in the paddock! With the snow melting, you can see all the limbs and debris- we had a hard winter and have a lot of clean up to do!

To me, the leg looked good! I am going to go first thing tomorrow and hopefully be there when the evaluate him. I will keep you posted, I hope to have him home and am really looking forward to being able to ride! I hope it all goes well.
In addition to Quiz and the Dance, the other big event of the weekend was a birthday party. My little nephew turned 3 last weekend and with my Mom sick my Sister pushed back his party. We celebrated today with a "talking" Cars party. He loves the movie "Cars" and got lots of cool stuff. Long ago I took a cake decorating class, and have some tips etc. So I end up making the theme cakes a lot. I do them for all the kiddos when they want a cake to match their party. I did a Lightening McQueen for him this year. It was pretty rushed, and my icing was too thick and hard to pipe, but he didn't seem to care!

Happy Birthday Jayson!

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