Friday, March 13, 2009

It's an abscess

Yahoooo. Never in my life have I been so happy to have a hurt horse!! It's an abscess... blew out the top of the lateral aspect of his left hind heel this morning! When I went out to feed Beau was worse than he has been all week. How could that be?! He has been on stall rest except for a few hours the entire week. He has been on bute am and pm since SATURDAY!!! How could he be worse?! I immediately "knew" we were going back to the equine clinic. I quickly check him over, and thought the hock looked puffier. Now, I knew and loved an amazing horse who died from complications from an infection in the hock. I was sure this was the end.... I came screaming in to Bill- he came out (after an agonizingly long time getting dressed) and ran his hands down the leg. Put his fingers up to his nose and "Pheww" diagnosed the abscess. I cried, I was so happy! Poor guy is in a lot of pain, and its going to be a long day of soaking- but he's going to live! No, seriously. I was really worried! Yipee. I was taught long ago that when they are that lame- it's either a broken leg or an abscess. Thank goodness for the oozy pus hole- epsom salts to the rescue!

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  1. ALEX!!!!! that is the best news EVER!!!!! I know how upset and worried you have been and I am so very happy for the "good news"...... keep us posted... BTW got the info about Acadia.. we're mulling it over to see if we could really make it work...