Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Are you tired of this yet?

Because I am! Beau was better Sunday- he had a bit of turnout and I left him unwrapped for a while. By Monday he was back to hot and tender again. No fever this go round, but certainly more puffy than over the weekend, and much more reluctant to walk. He is eating again, which is great... so I think we nailed the ulcer/intestinal issue. He picks slowly, but he is back to grain and he took a carrot and a cookie yesterday.

Today he is about the same- swelling is slightly up, heat is back in the hock and he is tender to the touch. I have been avoiding it, but back to the clinic we must go. They will want to do x-rays to be sure there is not another issue going on here- then we will have to play around and find a new antibiotic. Ill keep you posted!

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  1. Poor you guys! I guess I can relate since I am not better yet either, and this is getting very old- quickly! But the sun is shining and it is warm something is ok with the world! Good luck this afternoon at the vet's!!!