Saturday, March 21, 2009

Twists and Turns

Beau has been progressing- a winding route that hopefully is taking us closer to sound again! The past few days have brought decreased swelling and tenderness- but we are certainly not out of the woods yet!
Here is the leg at one week. Well, actually just the hock- as that is where the remaining swelling is located. Over the past few days we have started to turn a corner... I think. We had a minor setback today, but as far as the swelling/tenderness goes we seem to be making slow but steady progress. Yesterday I could see the vein that runs down the inside of the leg for the first time. Today I can see one of the "knobby" aspects for the hock. I am hopeful. As the swelling continues to go down, Dr. Kehir wants us to start hand walking- just a bit at a time, and only as long as the swelling continues to decrease.
Both yesterday and today we ventured out the driveway a few times. I have been walking him out to the road before I hose the leg. I think he is bored and enjoys these little jaunts. The sun has been shining- although it remains cool. We have a serious mud problem- it is really icky- but the ice remains in the paddock, so its the best place to get him moving. I was so happy when she gave us the "go-ahead" to walk, I felt like we were finally getting somewhere...
Then this afternoon I had a scare (I am hopeful we were able to figure it out though...) Beau's temp spiked to 103.2 around 3:30! I called the Vet right away, and although the Dr. we have been dealing with is away- one of the others was able to talk me thru it. She suggests that because the cellulitis seems to be responding now, that this temp spike may be due to an ulcer or intestinal abrasion from/aggravated by all the meds he has been on. She had me stop all oral meds- and his temp went down! So, assuming it stays down tonight, we will either cease the meds- or have to go to an injectable anti-biotic if the fever or swelling return.
I was panicked for a bit, but he seems to be doing well, and it does make sense that it's his tummy because he has had little to no appetite for the past few days. He picks at hay but doesn't want grain. He has slowly stopped treats and wouldn't even take an apple yesterday. He munched a few carrots this evening, and ate some sweet feed from my hand tonight. Fingers crossed that the fever stays away, and the hock continues to improve! I can't believe what a nightmare this has been!


  1. Yeah! Progress!! The pinewood derby looks like you had a good time. Congrats to the winner!

  2. I hope all is ok this morning! What a nightmare!! That was a lot of oral stuff you were giving him, I guess. Even pain meds in humans can create problems...