Friday, March 27, 2009

There is hope

I felt so good leaving the clinic today- even though I left Beau there. I arrived shortly after 10am and I had missed all the action! They had removed the wrap and done the antibiotic flush for a second time. According to the surgeon, Beau looked great! He said he was very happy with the progress, and that Beau had responded to the treatment as well as could have been expected! He didn't want to do a further sonogram- he felt no need to look into the hock again. He was walking so well he could tell clinically that there was no reason to! I was very pleased; when I arrived Beau was back in his stall with a new wrap. They redid the pressure dressing and also administered the sweat materials. I was told I could bring him home if I wanted, but once we began to discuss the risks of having a central line in, I decided I was not comfortable- especially since I am supposed to be with the girls at Pony Club all day tomorrow.

To run the treatment to it's conclusion the Dr. wants to keep him on IV antibiotics (but would be willing to go oral and send him home if that's what I really wanted) through the weekend. I feel as if this plan is working and I don't want to act too soon and risk not getting this cleared up for good. I asked if I could uncross my fingers for a sound horse and the Dr. said yes! So, with the progress we have made I am happy and I will be able to relax and enjoy the girls tomorrow knowing he is in good hands! I look forward to Monday when he can come home, and hopefully after that we will be injury free for a while! I know we are not totally out of the woods yet, but I am hopeful! He was alert and active today. Less stressed about the horses coming and going, he seems to have come to terms with it all. I can't wait to have him back! I forgot my camera- so no pictures tonight... but his new wrap is green ;)

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