Tuesday, March 17, 2009

It Continues

The picture of innocence right?! I swear to you, this horse is trying to kill me. Yes folks. This lameness junk continues... yesterday morning Beau's temp was up. He's pretty consistently a 99.8 kinda guy (you all take temps on random days right, so you have a baseline?!) well 101.2 after 3 days of antibiotics didn't make me happy. And, he was noticeably more uncomfortable... not as bad as Saturday, but worse than he had been Sunday. So I called the vet. Again. She wanted to start him on another antibiotic. OK, sounds like a good plan to me, she had mentioned that it might be a possibility. So, the bad news- both that she would recommend were over $300!!! Yikes. One would need to be reconstituted and injected IM twice a day, the other (which was her top choice) could be given orally- but in 1 in 1,000 horses have an allergic reaction and their lips/mouth swell. Geeze. What great choices I have! I go for the one she says would most likely be the better option- the oral. I'll save myself the injection bit, but with my luck his lips will swell. What can I do?! The good news was she said I could come to the office and pick it up, and save the farm call. Thankful, I drove off; checkbook in hand.

When I arrived, she started right off with "you're going to be so happy." What? Did you cure my horse remotely?! No, she had conferred with one of the surgeons from the clinic who recommended an anti-biotic that targets something that is fairly common in abscess'. So, now we are back to thinking this is a systemic infection working its way up the leg from the abscess- or cellulisits that started from the infection/abscess. OK. Now, get this. The new med is about 1/3 the price... great. But, it has be given 20 pills at a time.... 4 times a day.... for 5 days..... RECTALLY!!!!

Yup, this is my life.


  1. Yup, my heart goes out to you. We have a gelding who seems to have something go wrong every single spring. This year it's ringworm, and we have been treating it for about 2 months now. Bathing his neck every other day and medicating twice daily. He's getting better, but not all the way well yet! Good luck with the pills.

  2. Alex... leave it to you, eh??? I'm reading your story and thinking.. "oh no" and then "oh that's not too bad" to.. "you have got to be kidding!!!" good thing Beau is good natured!!! let us know how you make out...