Monday, March 9, 2009

Another Snowy Monday

This is what it looked like here today. Yet another snowy Monday morning. It was dry when Olivia and I went out for the bus- but by the time I headed out for the second time, it was really starting to come down. I was surprised that the kids were not sent home early, I kept waiting for the call, but it never came! Billy's Cub Scouts were canceled but Olivia still had Juniors. Its not much more than 6 inches- not worth plowing says Bill- more a nuisance than anything. But seriously, I'm tired of it!
And this is what I mean. I really love my setters- but by this time of year I'm really over them and the snow. This is what their feathers look like every time they come in! I have little snow balls dropping all over the house that melt into little icy puddles everywhere! They sit and chew them out and spit them wherever they lay. I have wet floors until they get their trails all packed down out there. Really, I am quite ready to be done with all of this- especially following two 50 degree days. Sigh.

My dismay at more snow led me to tonight's supper. Home made soup and bread. Yumm. I love my bread machine... It was here before me, but Bill didn't know how to use it and he didn't have the books for it either. So, I looked up a basic bread machine recipe and have been making it ever since. I do at least a loaf a week- sometimes more frequently. I know some more adventurous housewives make all sorts of bread- but I just stick to the basic white loaf, and man oh man is it good! And whats another cold snowy winters eve without chicken soup? I had made a "thanksgiving" dinner as the kids like to call it- roast chicken and all the fixings a few nights ago. So when the flakes started to fall I put a pot on to simmer and made my chicken noodle soup. My Dad makes a turkey/rice soup and I have made variations of his as I go along. This is one of my favorite "snuggle-in and stay warm" dinners. I shouldn't complain too loudly- I guess its not too bad, spring is right around the corner.

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  1. I tried to bring spring home from the Carolinas, but they wouldn't let us bring it on the plane... and discarded it with the other "can't fly items".... staying in wasn't an opition tonite as there was dog class to teach, but I would have certainly liked a bowl of your soup... maybe tomorrow I will cook a chicken....