Tuesday, March 3, 2009


We didn't get as much with this weekends storm as we did last weekend, about 8-10 inches of a real light fluffy snow. However, the kids had yesterday as another snow day! I'm not keeping track, but I think they must have used up their allotted days by now! We never lost power and we certainly didn't get the massive totals we could have- so that was a blessing! It was pretty cold and blustery yesterday, and short of a boy scout training in the evening nobody had anything pressing to do. So Bill waited until today to plow us out.

I asked him to try to move my manure pile back while he had the tractor out. It sounded like a good idea... However, the paddock slopes downward in the corner where I toss my manure- and I tend to hang it closer to the barn now that we have so much snow and there was a big poop pile surrounded by a huge snow drift in the low area behind my stall. Throwing the muck bucket over the fence is fine... its lower behind the building and i can get a pretty good pile there usually. It works fine until the pile gets too big and it begins to run back toward you when you heave it over the wire. Add into that all the snow that been sliding off the metal roof and I had a mess. No problem, Honey will fix it. Humm, too much snow has slid off the roof to get around the back of the building. So maybe not. Then I have the brilliant idea to have him go thru the paddock and push it back that way. Oh, wait. The slope. And the ice. And the huge amount of drifted snow. It was all fine and well and good until the tractor got stuck. Yup. Spent about 1/2hr getting the tractor out, then he just looked at me and asked "Can I be done now?" Beau was very helpful in trying to get unstuck. I suggested he use his horsepower- but mostly he just wanted to keep everybody company and make sure there were no cookies to be had.

Yes Honey. You can be done. Sonny surveyed the handiwork, and thinks that there is certainly more room to throw poo for now. And I agree. So, thank you honey- and ill try not to ask too much more of you today.

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