Saturday, March 28, 2009

Quiz Rally

Today was Quiz Rally, the first official Pony Club event the girls have done. It was a long day, but Wentworth PC did VERY well! The girls had a great time, and we came home with ribbons so all the better! The Wentworth Killer Whales (Olivia's team) got first place in the Junior D division and the Wentworth Sting Rays (Savanna's team) got 2nd! There were 10 teams in the Jr. D group.... so they did awesome! The Wentworth Senior team got 3rd in their category. So all in all we were very proud of the overall performance. Savanna had the Daddy/Daughter Dance tonight so she and I rushed home after the event and missed the ribbon awarding but it was apparently quite the event- the WPC kids dominated!

Of course I forgot my camera... so no pictures- but the teams looked great! Everyone was neat and tidy and had all the appropriate gear. I ended up being the chaperon for Olivia's team so I followed them all around- it made for a long day with no down time. But, it was good because I got a real first hand view of what they had to do! Some of the other parents had jobs where they sat in one spot all day overseeing the same test/activity. I was able to see all the events and watch the kids go through Quiz. There were some really tough questions given today- and I was impressed not only with our girls but with everyone there! Of course, as with any event there were a few parents that I thought needed to get a life- but the kids were all great! We have put in a lot of time and energy practicing for this rally and 5am was a really long time ago; but it was well worth it! The girls had a blast, and come on... the ribbons are spectacular!

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