Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Acadia bound

I am so excited! Today I made our reservations for a camping trip to Acadia National Park. I have been wanting to take the horses up there for as long as I can remember... and this year we are finally going to do it! I booked 3 stalls and a camp site for Labor Day weekend... We will leave early Friday am to make it up there, and head back Monday evening- 4 glorious days to ride and explore the amazing trails Roosevelt established in the park! We have invited a few friends and family along- and I hope we have a great group who can go... but even if it's just us, I'll be thrilled! Dreaming and planning have taken some of the sting out of Beau's most recent lameness. He had a few hours turn-out today, the first he's had since Saturday. He did move a bit better, but you can tell that limb is still causing him some discomfort. There is still no heat or swelling, so I'm pretty baffled. Sigh. I hope he gets better soon... until then it's stall rest and bute, and I can dream and plan and imagine what it's all going to be like. And what with a cold drizzle all day, September can't come fast enough!

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  1. Yeah, well, I can't believe you are talking about the end of the summer, lol! The trails up there are incredible, maybe you should take the kids bikes, too- plan on tea and crumpets at the Tea House...but I've never seen horses tied up there, so maybe you aren't allowed in the 'yard' with horses??