Thursday, March 19, 2009

Is that a corner I see??

I am trying not to get my hopes up... but I think we may be approaching a corner that maybe we can turn!? I think we are still days away, but I feel less panicky today... I only had to speak with the Vet once! That's a success in itself! I went last night to borrow an ice boot... the lovely ladies at Lucky Clover Farm lent me this awsome freezy wrap- the first time I put it on (last night) he panicked- it was tight and puts pressure right on that hock- but it is cold, and it buys me an hour- and we go hour by hour these days, so any down time is great by me!
He wore the boot and we continued with the cold hose- adding the boot increased his "cold" time, so hopefully that will decrease his "down" time. By this afternoon he wandered (and I use that term loosely: step step step stop. step step step stop) for 10 minutes in the paddock- the Vet says he can have a bit of supervised outside time if he is willing to move- let him dictate what his is comfortable with. I think it must have felt good to sniff poop piles and say hello to Squeeke. Sonny is being very protective- guarding the stall door, so a sniff to the pony girl lifted his spirits I'm sure! With his discomfort, getting him out to hose has been hard, but tonight he walked out of his stall for his Auntie Cindi with little disagreement. So we pushed our luck and took him out of the paddock to hose. I've been flooding myself while he wont walk, and he seemed up for it- so out he went! I was so pleased to see him move- shuffle actually, but its progress!
I was worried this am, as his poop looked like this (gross I know!) but Dr. says it is ok to see some of the rectal antibiotics come out in his poo. He also spit out his morning meds- so he got extra SMZs at lunch. He didn't eat his breakfast grain, or the warm mash I made him but I opened a bale that I deemed the yummiest looking, and he picked at that. Tonight he went nose deep in his bucket, so I'm hopeful that he will eat it all. He got bute again tonight, I didn't notice a difference with it last night but I figure it cant hurt. Even with loosing some of the banamine, his temp stayed steady in the low 100.s today, so maybe this is the beginning of getting better? I sure hope so!

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  1. we're "hoping so" too.... I check every day for progress reports and so appreciate that you are taking the time to keep us up to date... hope you get some good sleep tonite now that things seem a little calmer....