Friday, March 13, 2009


Let it be known, I hate March. I think March is the ugliest month of the year. There is nothing green, everything is brown and gross. We osculate from dirty snow and ice to mud. I just don't like the transitional crap. Fast forward right on to spring please. Take me from big white fluffy snow flakes and give me daffodils and green grass; thank you very much. The only redeeming qualities about March are the two birthdays we celebrate!

Billy turned 7 yesterday!! I know, can you believe it?! He wanted a World of Warcraft themed party. Well, there is no WOW licensed stuff around, so I had to get creative. He seemed happy with it all. We had his "family" party last night. Our tradition is that on your birthday you get to choose the dinner for that day. Billy picked pancakes. So, my parents and the boys and Auntie and Uncle came over. As per his request, we had a breakfast buffet. Pancakes with all sorts of toppings (strawberries, whipped cream, syrup, bananas) and bacon and sausage. A perfectly lovely dinner- if I do say so myself! He had his presents (he got the i-pod he really wanted!) and then cake. Ice cream cake. My camera battery died, so I didn't get cake shots, but it was very yummy.
He will have his "friends" party Saturday afternoon. We will have some kids from school over for a few hours for a second celebration! Last night as he went off to sleep (with his i-pod on the shelf next to him) he told me "I think I love my i-pod more than myself." It's the simple pleasures in life. How is it, that something so trivial can bring such joy to a kid?! I feel so blessed that Bill and I can do things like this for our children. Ah, to be 7 again; nerf guns and WOW cards and i-pods and gift cards. These small tokens made one little boy VERY happy! And, in 2 weeks it's my youngest nephew's turn! I can't believe little baby Jayson is going to be 3!

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  1. glad to hear beau is ok. heard all about the party, sorry i didnt make it. really enjoyed the pix. all the letters on this keyboard are gone that makes it tough!.. hope to cone over one of these days soon and see all the dhanges at chez houston.. love mom mom