Friday, February 27, 2009

My Bed

Since Bill and I moved down here into the basement (to give Savanna her own room) I have been wanting new bedding (along with some other things) See my "new" bed?! I can't wait to get into it! We are somewhat shopping for a frame- as we are just on a metal one now, but since we don't have a lot to spend- I'm not sure the bed is coming anytime soon. That isn't going to stop me though! Amid a zillion errands yesterday, I was finally able to go pick out some stuff for our "new" room. I got a new blanket, quilt, mattress pad, throw and pillows... and my sister gave me a bed skirt... It's not really a new bed, but new stuff sure is nice! I have been very busy and have so much to do in the next 2 days it makes my head spin. But, thinking about my nice new bed- with my clean sheets and yummy new blankets makes me so happy! Now, if I could just get some of this done so I could go to sleep...


  1. Hard to see in the photo, but I think I would put the yellow blanket under the quilt, or fold it up even smaller... you are losing too much of the quilt beautiful colors, I think. The blue with the green looks very nice, but you seem to have lost the brown, at least in the photo! I hope the coffee maker is working well in the morning!

  2. is there anything nicer than a clean, comfty, warm bed after a long day of "being a Mom".... congrats!!!!!