Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Days like these...

So- sometimes I wonder why I ever thought Id ever have anything interesting to say. Or, time to sit down and tap it all out. For instance, today I got up with Olivia at 5:55am. Got her on the bus. Dogs go out with us and I feed the ponies on the way back in. I had 1/2hr to lay back down. then Billy and Savanna needed to get up and get off. I also needed to get myself ready too- I had a 9am massage to do. Turned horses out, hayed everyone and ran out the door just in time to hit the bus stop. Then off I went (billy left his lunch on the table- thankfully Bill was around and could drop it off to him. Silly child HATES hot lunch, and insists on a HOME lunch just abut every day!)

I love my 9am, but she is in Brentwood NH... a full hour away! She has an older mare who responds so well to massage- they really are a great pair to work with but its such a long drive! I had to stop for gas since there was no time in my day yesterday and my gas light had come on as I came home from pony club parent meeting at 9:30pm last night. Did my rub and hit Lowes for new knobs for Savanna's updated dresser in her new room. Then ran the car Through the car wash- it was filthy.

Came home for lunch and called all my Brownie families as a reminder for tomorrows meeting and called quite a few parents from the 3rd grade class looking for volunteers for the Valentines party Friday- bad room mother left it to the last second. The called the Cub Scout sponsor to set up a meeting to get him to sign paperwork. I then had 10mins for a cup of coffee then set off to 3rd grade for my weekly volunteer session. After that I ran by the bank to activate my new ATM as mine was compromised AGAIN! It was a faulty card- so I had to go in and stand at the counter while they got it all figured out.

I met with the Cub Scout sponsor and got all our rechartering papers signed, and then came home to fill the big water trough which was so low it was steaming and scaring Sonny this morning. Cleaned my stall and fed the chickens while I was out there. Now its almost 4 and I have a second afternoon coffee in hand to try to summon the courage to go start to assemble a lasagna for dinner. Fheeewwwwww. These are the days where I wonder where the times goes. Its almost the end of the day and all I have done is run around. It is an accomplished feeling to get so much done- but I had such high hopes of creating a fun post and playing with the layout etc of this site. Oh well- theres always time after everyone goes to bed right?!


  1. Well! You got it all done! That's something! This is your mother speaking: do something for yourself tomorrow!

  2. days like that are amazing... but I find that I actually get "more done" on that sort of a schedule than I do when "there seems to be all the time to get it done".. maybe we just run more effecient when we are trying to beat the clock...... still hoping to catch up with you one day soon... I can come to you if it helps...