Friday, February 13, 2009

Meet Squeeke

Since Sue asked... Meet our newest 4 legger... Squeeke or "pip-squeak" as I call her! She is a 13.1h palomino pony (pretty dang cute next to Sonny) She arrived a week ago, to much excitement. She is currently residing with Sonny and Beau, but may move in with Poke and Anna as we head into spring. She belonged to a lovely client of Bill's who unfortunately needed to rehome her... and lucky for her (and me!) Bill agreed to add her to our clan- with the one stipulation... I have to use her! She needs to earn her keep- I'm not sure now if that will just be as Poke's guardian angel or as a mount for the kids...

Squeeke has quite a story. She was among the horses rounded up and swam off of Chincoteaque in 1988. She was a tiny foal and after being purchased at the sale, she was brought back to New England in the bed of a pick-up lined with hay bales! She has the unique habit of squealing when you first approach/touch her. She "talks" when you come near. Hence the name "Squeeke."
She has apparently done everything- trail rides, lessons, and she drives. She did pony parties and was shown under saddle and in harness. She has had some time off and bounced through a few homes in the past year so we are going to go slow with her and see what she is willing to do. I really want to develop a trusting relationship with her, I feel badly- she lived all this time with the original woman who bought her as a foal, and now has been through 3 homes in the past year. I know this girl has done and seen a lot, and I'm sure she has some stories to tell! Hopefully she and Savanna can do a few years of Pony Club, and she can teach me to drive- and then as Poke's sight continues to decline, she can spend her days watching over him for me.

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  1. I just now had a vision of her with a plume on her halter, lol... not sure where that came from!