Thursday, February 12, 2009

50 in February

Yesterday was the most amazing day! It was so warm and nice- really unseasonable for this time of year. We certainly hit 50! In February! It was such a treat and a hint at what is to come! When you live in this neck of the woods- winter is just part of the deal. Snow and ice, and bitter cold is par for the norm. A day like yesterday, however- a real treat!

The horses were out without blankets. There were many rolls and lots of scratching and itching! It must have felt so good to be able to roll out some of the winter itches and soak up some of the beautiful sun!
The rolling wasn't just limited to the horses- the dogs got in on it too! Otis and Oliver were both finally able to break thru the icy crust for a good roll in some wet snow! Silly dogs spent a good portion of the day outside!
I had errands and laundry and 100th day celebration in the morning and then my Brownie meeting in the afternoon- so I didn't get too much time out there. But you can bet the time I did spend was glorious! I am so thankful for days like yesterday, these tender little reminders that spring will come. That the icy dog pooed path out to the barn will melt. That the skating rink in front of the run-in will soon be gone. That winter fuzz will shed and I'll finally be back in the saddle!
(and yes- Beau has a boo-boo on his nose. Came out the other morning to a trickle of dried blood- not sure how it got there, but the poor guy was swollen for a few days and has a crusty little scab now!)
(And, I think ive figured out the pictures- add them first THEN the text. now if I could just figure out spacing...)


  1. click on the Beau photo and it blows up real big- looks more like a nip top me, a left and right spot which makes upper and lower teeth?? If so, bad, bad Sunny!

  2. well. he was locked in his stall... all night... with sonny out... so, i suppose he could have done it over the top of the door, but stupid should have moved his head then! I looked everywhere in that stall for a place to ouch yourself- cant find anything. so i guess ill never know!

  3. I am sure it was stupid sonny! bite him back cindi

  4. who is the little cutie with Beau????