Monday, February 23, 2009

Its gonna' be a long day....

I woke up to this today. Id guess about 16" of new snow. Actually, I woke up to the "Oh Sh*t" feeling... The alarm didn't go off and I knew it had to be past wake up time. Yup, one check of the cell told me it was 6:10. Olivia has to be out at the bus by 6:18 or she misses it. CRAP! I flew upstairs to get her going then back down to flick on the TV to see if there was even school- we live in York County- they were in the Androscogin County I came down and booted up my computer and got the news that there is no school today. Great. By now all 3 kids are up- and the snow is piled up to the casing in my "front" door (in my defense- I didn't paint it! We almost never use this door- it open up into the yard and we always come in/out via the sliders that point towards the barn or up the deck into the kitchen) We have a metal roof and the snow slides right off- it is good in that we don't get ice jams, but bad for the bank it creates along the foundation. Last year it made it a bit higher up- and a few years ago the door was completely covered...but its certainly a high for this season! I bet it will take Bill all of the 3 hours we have until we leave for NEEC to get the drive clear- he plows with the tractor, and it takes a touch longer than the conventional way. He thought about buying a plow this summer- but spoiled that I am, I got the new trailer instead! I'm stressed that we wont make it out the drive in the rig, but I'm not going to worry too hard- there really isn't much I can do. Either we will get there, or we wont.
After I slogged out to feed and check that everyone made it thru the night, I came in to make coffee and rouse Bill to start plowing. But alas, no go on the coffee. My beloved machine wont turn on. I tried 4 outlets, and nope- nada. After much whining and a few moments back in bed- I dug out an older pot I still had in the pantry and got my java fix. WHAAA! I love that machine- Its a great one with an internal carafe- you make a full pot then it dispenses from the front a cup at a time- the coffee is always hot and doesn't get overcooked as it sits. sigh. On that note- the kids' Wii wont turn on either. Bill supposes we must have had a power surge and a few things got fried. The Tv and my computer are fine so far; toaster too. The loss of the coffee pot and the Wii are a big blow. I guess Ill have to dig out the Wii warranty, I have sad kids, and its going to be a long day!

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