Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Beau's New Shoes

While we were at the clinic yesterday, Dr. Davis said (a number of times) how great Beaus feet looked- both in terms of hoof quality and of angle and balance. We were able to see on x-ray that the angles for Beaus feet were all spot on! I know it must have felt good to hear what a nice job he had done and I know it was also very helpful for Bill to see the foot from the inside to know what he was up against. Because the first recommendation for treatment was to manage the pain mechanically, we needed to get shoes on Beau ASAP! Bill was able to squeeze him into his afternoon today! Yipee. I was so glad he was able to come home and get him done since tomorrow is extra busy with the clients he moved from yesterday and I didn't want to wait until Thursday.
He was a very good boy- I was afraid after being poked and prodded so much yesterday that he wasn't going to want his feet touched at all- but he was great! He got a steel shoe (Bill was out of aluminum in his size) with a full 3 degree wedge pad and impression material underneath. He also got borium for traction since it is quite slippery out there! His angles after shoeing were 57 L and R. We will continue to monitor him closely as he adjusts to his "high heels!" In addition to the shoeing Dr. Davis wanted him on bute and Beau was not too happy about that last night- even though I was using his Auntie Cindi's yummy apple flavored power. He left all the crumbs at the bottom of his bucket- they want him to have 2gr each night for 3 days and then back off to 1gr as we go back into work so I guess Ill have to figure out how to get it into his another way if he picks again tonight!

While we were waiting for Daddy to shape his shoes Beau had a haircut- his mane wasn't too bad but it was starting to get long. I trimmed it a bit short, but by Spring when we will be out and about more, I think it will be perfect! So, now the new shoes are on and we wait for improvement (we will have to truck into the indoor to test ride next week) but I am hopeful. And grateful for my honey who is not only the BEST partner around, but also the BEST farrier too!

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