Tuesday, February 17, 2009

A new day

Today, instead of feeling sorry for myself I tried to just enjoy the horsie things I can do right now. I was certainly feeling bummed about Beau yesterday and beyond that I have been complaining that I couldn't do anything anyhow since the horses are snowed in. You see, it was going to be a bit of a process to get the ponies out. After Squeeke arrived last week we had a few really warm days and the snow all slid off the metal barn roof- making a large "drift" blocking the gate. I had been using that as another excuse to feel poorly about my prospects of doing anything "horsie." Yesterday I was grumping about it and Bill walked me thru opening up the fence behind the chicken coop. You must understand that one of the weird things about me is that I am terrified of the electric fence! I hate to get shocked- so I spent a bit of time working it thru so I can get them out from that side and not kill myself on the fence. SO. No more excuses and feeling sorry for myself! This afternoon after Sonny and Beau had their feeties trimmed I spent a little time with each of them. I walked Beau up and down the driveway- he was rather full of himself... Sonny and Squeeke's screaming didn't help matters! Im glad to see he is feeling good enough to be somewhat fresh. I got my fix with the time I spent working those two, and after filling the water trough and cleaning my stall I came in and went thru all the horsie blogs I like to read. I figured if I cant ride, read about those who can! And to top it off- this evening, I was happy to receive a call back from Acadia National Park. I have been dreaming for YEARS about going camping with the horses in Acadia- I called the other day to get some questions asked and to find out when they have openings at the stables up there. I think this is going to be the year I finally get to go! Local friends- be on the lookout the invites should go out soon, we are going to have a blast!

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  1. Thank you for stopping by. It was fun reading your blog. You sound like a busy family. I teach and LOVED the 100 days to collect 100 things idea. I may have to mention that at our little school.