Sunday, February 22, 2009

The calm before the Storm

Tomorrow is the day I take Beau to NEEC for his workup. I am hoping they tell me that I am an idiot, and nothing is the matter with him. But I know I am not and idiot, and I know Bill is not an idiot... So, we shall see. I'm a bit stressed today- I'm worried for him and we are supposed to get a lovely storm this afternoon. They are calling for a real mess with quite a wintry mix- snow and freezing rain overnight and into the morning. Grrr. The kids have been off all week and for all of our sanity- they need to go back to school! And for my sanity I need to be able to get to this appointment. Hopefully the weather will cooperate and not cause major problems for me. The one good thing about this storm is that with the prediction of a crappy day the girls' pony club lessons were postponed. It seems a shame as it is beautiful out now, but it's the calm before the storm I suppose. I can say however that I'm grateful for a "free" morning to do what I please and as far as I know they still have quiz practice this afternoon.

Right now it is about 40 degrees so I took the opportunity to take off blankets and give everyone a good grooming and a once over. Poke, Anna and Squeeke are all naked unless it is very cold and wet- so they just needed a good curry and some attention. Once the brushes were out, they were lining up for some lovin'! I wanted to get Beau cleaned up a bit for tomorrow and there was no way Sonny was going to let his little "bro" see the business end of a brush before he did... so I had to work my way down the line... then Poke and Anna were glaring at me over the fence, so they got done too!

I'm glad for the morning off- I'm worried about tomorrow and as much as we enjoy pony club, I was happy to be able to spend some time with my crew. Sometimes just spending time with them is the best, Just look how cute Sonny and Squeeke looked! I was off on the other side of the fence by now and Son was sure I should be back on *HIS* side with those brushes! Silly boy-

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  1. BE SURE to let us all know how it goes tomorrow... I am anxious for you!!!! all best wishes that it's something "simple"......