Thursday, February 19, 2009

Another Storm

We got what I hope will be one of our last winter storms. Around the house we have been debating whether this is an early spring or just a tease. I know we certainly are not out of the woods just yet- but these are the kinds of storms that don't hang around too long. What drops is gone again in a week or so and temps are on the rise. That being said- we got a mess of rain on top of snow. It is very heavy to shovel and icky when it freezes up- this very much feels like a "spring storm." The water content in this snow is amazing every footfall squishes and the horses are all tired of slogging thru it I'm sure!

Speaking of the horses, I made the appointment for Beau to go in to New England Medical Center- we are so lucky to have such a nice clinic so close! He will be seen 11am Monday... I just needed to get that ball rolling so I can figure out whats up with the poor guy! I'm trying not to worry- I just really like this horse...he is such a love! You know how it is with your animals. I just kills me to think something might be wrong. And since I haven't owned him all that long, I'm even more worried! As with all of our critters, it is extremely important to me that they have all of their needs met. Im not sure what they will find- or if there is going to be anything other than bute/rest that can be done. But, at least I will have tried!

He is such a great horse. I'm so lucky to have him and I hope we can get him sound. He is my buddy and I really want to ride. We have such a cool relationship and that is really important to me in an equine partner! Today I was standing on the stone wall taking pictures of the snow. He sidled right up, presented butt for scratches. He got a good rub then I just pommel horsed right on! He just looked at me like I was silly for stopping the scratches. We hung out together for a while, all of the other 4 were eating hay. Beau. he just loves to be loved! I had a great time with him- but the weather (big clods of heavy wet snow dropping off the trees) wasn't conducive for outside activities... so I came in to stamp
It's pretty hard to work on anything when your table looks like this. So, task 1 was to clean off my surfaces! Once I got that done I decided to play with Mom's new SU! set Cute & Cuddly; she happened to leave it here the other night. I mounted her up and off I went. I did 4 cards with the teddy bear from it- I wasn't particularly happy with any of them. They will go to the hospital for the new babies, and will be just fine though.

So whats with the trend to offset to the left with a bow on the right?! Think I had a 1 track mind today I guess, I didn't even see it until I just laid them all out. And upon surfing Mom's blog I see that she used Afternoon Tea DSP today too! Great minds think alike I guess!

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  1. It was a good "inside" day.. though we didn't get the storm they talked about (ok with me)... I puttered about the house, and got things done thinking I can play more on the weekend!!!! loved your cards!!! but, I guess we never see our own work the way others do......I played some with horses too, Tonka and I practed "head down for bridle"... he was pretty good.... I start back with Laura in a couple of weeks....looking forward to that...keep blogging