Monday, April 5, 2010

Wes' 11th week

Are you getting tired of Pictures of Wes yet?! We had another busy week, ending with our Annual Easter egg hunt and Easter day! I had so much fun thinking about baby's first Easter, and things didn't go quite like I thought they would, but all in all we had a nice weekend- the weather was amazing, the bunny generous and friends and family all around! Things didn't work out for me to get the chance to introduce Westley to my dear friend Kelley, and I so wanted to meet her new son Sam, but we will make up for our missed visit for sure!

Wes was way overtired at the egg hunt, totally off schedule and over stimulated I think. He was rather fussy and Poppy had to help him work thru it! It was very warm- almost 80 (about 20 degrees above normal!) so he couldn't wear the lovely sweater Mom-Mom knit for him. I scrambled for a backup outfit and didn't come up with anything. Grandma and Sissy helped get him dressed and picked out this duckie shirt; I thought he was pretty cute for an egg hunt!
This week Wes really figured out toys! He loves a big dragonfly toy we have with hanging rings. He bats and pulls at it in his pack and play, and we attached it to his play mat and he was very interested! If he is in the right mood I can get about 20 minutes at a time where he will play with himself, looking in his mirror and kicking and swinging his arms! He is very cute~

A tender moment with Brother

One sad little cowboy!
Ok, he looks a little like a buccaneer, but sad for sure!

Olivia has a magic tough for bouncing Wes on the yoga ball to quiet him down, he was so cute the other day with his head hanging off her arm...

A sleepy Westley after a walk with Mama- it's been so nice these past few days, we really have been lucky that finally after about 3 weeks and 12 or so inches of rain we finally have seen the sun! There were plenty of people dramatically effected by flooding. We were lucky- a day or two off of school and some major mud, but otherwise ok- and now able to be out and about... but it won't be long before the bugs swarm!

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  1. I - for one - will never get tired of Wes pictures, so you keep em coming... we're still planning that play date, just the rush is on now with the house, move in date the first weekend in June... so we'll see.....