Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Rain *Beau*

I was lucky enough to catch this shot last night as I was tacking up to ride... As I groomed my boy I noticed this rainbow over his back! I quickly grabbed my phone and got this picture- not the best, but cool none-the less!

I have ridden a few times these past few weeks- ok, maybe 4 or 5 times total, but finding time to get my butt in the saddle has been tough! I had one not so hot ride with a new neighbor a few weeks ago, a nice trail with Linda and Miller at her house and a few hacks around the house. Easter day we had the nicest weather, and I had the whole afternoon free (with plenty of babysitters!!) so we went out for a little jaunt. Beau was so well behaved and was a real pleasure- which was nice as he tried to kill me numerous times the day we rode out with the new neighbor and her Morgan. I had a student cancel last evening, so took the opportunity to truck over to ride in the indoor and had my first chance to "actually" work. Beau was great! He was happy and willing, and SOUND! Yipee! Now, if that rainbow had any luck in it, I'll find the time to squeeze in a ride now and again and then maybe we will both get back into shape and have some hope of getting out this summer!

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