Friday, April 30, 2010

Scrapbook subject

Westley attended both his first scrapbook event, and also had his first nights sleep in a hotel this past evening! CKC puts on this scrapbook event in a number of cities, but Manchester NH is the one that is closest to us. It's actually just over an hour drive, we are lucky in that respect. It's quite fun to shop and see samples and examples of other people's work; classes showcase new ideas and techniques as well as products. Plus with the vendor fair, you can buy, buy, buy all the great stuff you see! This weekend event is always right after my birthday and Mom and I always attend in some form or another. We have fun, spend birthday money and insist that THIS is the year we are really going to make pages! Since it's not to be missed, Wes was along for the ride. For some years we have gone for the day, but last year we stayed over night and did classes... what fun it was to stay over in the hotel where the convention is held... eating out, taking classes, chatting about what we saw, laying around with our goodies... it was great! Knowing Wes was along, this year we stayed overnight but just did the shopping! I wasn't sure how to juggle baby and scrap classes, so opted out- a very good choice I might add! All the fun, less stuff to pack and carry around, and more time in the vendor mall! Wes was a very good boy. Hanging out in his hip hammock and in the umbrella stroller (which I had to buy as they don't allow bit rigs into the convention center!) he slept some, and did a lot of people watching. I was proud, he got lots of complements on how good he was, and we also got lots of "oohs" and "awws" over our little scrap subject! I got lots of inspiration, and some great buys~ and I swear I am going to scrap this child!

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