Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Pinewood Derby Regionals

Billy made it to regionals again this year in the Pinewood Derby. It was certainly exciting to "make" it there... but, it is a long day; a long boring day. It's tough to sit on the bleachers for 5 hours and race for a total of 7 or so seconds. Fhewww. Billy says next year hes "fine with it" if he doesn't go on to race at regionals. And, frankly- I'm fine with it too!
There were 79 racers from our area that competed on Saturday at the event. It was held at a high school about 45 mins away. We took 2 cars in case Wes was crabby- but he ended up being great so we all watched the whole thing! Billy ran three heats and did well in them- his times were ok and he came in at the top end of the middle of the pack. It was certainly better than last year.

In fact, at the awards ceremony he had just turned around and mouthed to me "I haven't gotten my name called yet" when they called "car 60, William Houston!" It was pretty funny. He got a nice patch and a medal. There was much less fussing this year- last year he wanted a frisbee that they handed out... so I was happy for no major meltdowns!

It's a long day for the girls too- sitting there watching can be a real drag; but everyone was behaving for the most part. My Dad brought Jayson and Kaleb who missed the races but saw the awards.

So, maybe next year it will be alright if we loose- but who knows time may erase the feelings of boredom- Pinewood Derby is a pretty cool thing to do... I know after seeing all the cars that Billy may have a new plan for his next year!

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  1. Congrats to Billy on making it to regionals. I agree, it is painfull to sit for hours at the Pinewood Derby to only race for a few seconds.