Saturday, April 17, 2010

another Saturday marks 13 weeks

This is my new favorite Wes picture. I may (or may not!) have changed Bill's desktop to this shot! I just smile every time I glance over to the screen. If you haven't been to our house, Bill has a massive (28 inch) monitor... It's a great showcase for his Royal Adorableness.

I guess I should be about done with the weekly updates, but I couldn't resist this week with as many cute shots as I got doing his 3 month photo shoot. Wes is now 13lbs 6ozs- a real little piglet; totally my chubby cheeks! He is sleeping from between 9 and 10pm thru until 4 or 5am when he needs to be fed and changed then he will sleep again until about 6:30 or so. I count myself lucky- I'm so glad to get the hours I do! I think we may be officially done nursing. He went to breast twice yesterday and maybe got a mouthful or two each time... I may just call it quits. It will be an easy date to remember (his 3rd month) and I know it frustrates him. It makes me sad, but with nothing to do about it, I guess I won't dwell. He is pretty consistently eating 4 oz feedings. It's basically what I make every time and he drains a bottle every few hours!

We sized up this week in his cloth diapers. It was sad to pack up all his little ones- they are so small and cute! These new ones are much fluffier and make for quite a squishy bum! They will also hasten our switch up in clothes size- not many of our 3 month stuff is going to fit over them. At least not when I have added layers in for absorbency. His night time combo makes for a pretty funny picture- his butt is about 3 times the size of the rest of him! He plays well on the play mat, and still adores his mobiles. He is getting stronger and stronger, but not really progressing towards a roll over just yet. He much prefers his back to tummy time... 5 or so minutes is all he will do, then just fusses until he gets a manual rollover. He is drooling and sucking away at his hands quite a bit- I've taken to adding a bib to save outfits! He loves to chat and will babble along in a conversation- but no giggles or laughs yet. I'm looking forward to it, he will crack a huge grin and sort of suck in air then coo... I'm waiting for that first good giggle! I hope it won't be long.

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