Thursday, April 15, 2010

Art show

Savanna had her coil pot from art class featured at our district art show last evening. She has felt slighted in the past with none of her art being chosen... so to have one of her things showcased this year felt pretty good! Olivia has always had art shown, but this year her schedule is different, they have one "special" each quarter and they have that everyday and no others until their classes switch. She has art last (she just started this week) so didn't have time to have anything "make" the show. Oh well, next year?! Billy has had a piece the last few years, but not this time. So, if was all about Savanna!
We had Grandma and Grandpa Houston over for dinner, then all shuffled over to the school to find her piece. It was right in the front of one of the first cases (one shelf below her BFF Kate's piece!) so we admired it, then had a chance to walk around the high school and look at all the other art pieces. It is fun to wander around and find kids we know! We are very proud of the kids, and it's great when they get to "show off" a little. What fun it is be to be recognized for an accomplishment, I know they are proud when they get the notice that they have a piece being exhibited. All the art there was beautiful... but I was particular to one little pot!

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