Friday, April 16, 2010


Last night Olivia played in a double elimination dodge ball tournament- it was so much fun to watch! At the 7th and 8th grade school, kids had formed teams and last night they had the games. They had 3 minute matches, and the "Fruit Loops" lost both of their first rounds- so did not advance, but it was a blast to watch! Except for when Olivia got a ball in the face... but other than that, it was hilarious! Some of the kids/teams were amazing- jumping and catching and throwing really well, plus the announcer was cracking me up- he was right into it, making calls and throwing people out when they tried to deny being hit! It's too bad its only once a year, it was a fun event- especially since this is T.V./Tech turn off week and the kids are a little stir crazy as we get closer to the end of the week.

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