Monday, April 26, 2010


Yesterday I turned 31. It's pretty odd, 31 seems like it should be "old," but I really don't feel old! Ok, I do have my creaky days, days when my body feels a bit, hum- shall we say run down?! But I don't feel like I think 31 should feel. I think the kids help me stay feeling young! For example, last week coming home from Conway the girls and Billy and I were cruising down Rt. 16... we had Dunkin Donuts in hand and were singing to the pop rock station the kids like. I glanced over at Olivia (in the front seat) and for a moment I was back in high school, whizzing along with friends. Certainly not a 31 year old, mother of 4 with an infant asleep in the back seat!
I had a surprise breakfast that Olivia and Auntie whipped up- it was very nice! We went up to Anna and Eds and the Houston clan (minus Billy who slept over at my sister's) gnashed on yummy morning fare plus a great cake Olivia made. Then Savanna had a birthday party she was invited to, so I dropped her off and ran to the grocery store for dinner stuff. We all gathered back here for bar-b-que in the evening. We had good food, then cake and ice cream and of course presents! Isn't the gift bag my Mom made adorable?! It matches Wes' shower invitation, and held a bunch of cloth diaper things I wanted. I'm so lucky, my Mom spoils me!!

Savanna whipped up her gift at the last moment. I was cracking up with this part- a birthday message on her white board.... love the p.s.


  1. Happy Birthday!! I love the sign Savanna made! what a sweet heart! Looks like you had a great day. :)

  2. That slate photo will make me laugh for years to come!! A nice 'green' way to send a birthday card, lol!!

  3. Happy (late) birthday Alex... and if I could share what I have learned in my (eh-em) 50 years... there are days when I feel "old" and others when I feel "young".. so I have come to the idea that the number has nothing to do with it!!!! sounds like you had a grand day.. and THAT is what it's all about....