Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Freddie the FireFly

Westley's favorite toy is this great Lamaze hanging friend: Freddie FireFly. We actually call him Dragonfly, but that's because we got him hand me down and didn't know who he really was until recently! Either way you call him, he is Wes' number one choice for a play thing~
Wes loves to pull and tug on Dragonfly all the time! He is by far Wes' bestest buddy! He mostly plays with just this one toy, although in the last few days he is getting more interested in others. I think his fondness came as Freddie's rings hang lower than any other toy or toy attachment we have and they were the first Wes could swing at and grab!
We love this little guy, he is so much fun for Westley! He is cute and has lots of "things:" a mirrored wing, a squeaker, rings and a dangled thing that has a pocket to slide it into. He is so colorful and has a great expression on his face- he is by far Wes' favorite toy!

Dragonfly moves about and hangs all sorts of places- the pack and play, car seat, his play mat... pretty much anywhere Wes goes, Dragonfly goes too! We are so lucky to have found a toy that really engages and entertains Westley~ I hear Grandma Beth found some of Freddie's friends... I can't wait to meet them!

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  1. word to the wise, if there is a favorite, best find several of them now and put them away. my sister found this out the hard way when Naomi lost "jimmy".. the earth came to an end.. fortunately jimmy was located (in the trash) at the trading post, and some sharp eyed employee (having seen the lost poster!!!) noticed him. Sadie has several "douglas's" put away since Abbie has a fondness for them.. they are BTW a horse!!!!!