Monday, April 5, 2010

Annual Egg Hunt '10

Saturday we hosted our annual Egg hunt- we had 4 families cancel at the last moment, so it was a pretty small crowd, but everyone seemed to have a great time! There were PLENTY of eggs for all, and more than enough lunch to go around! Kaleb and Westley were fussing and didn't want to hunt, Wes was tired, I'm not sure what K's problem was.... so our hunters were: Olivia and Kateri, Savanna and Billy, Nathanial and Jayson. It was an amazingly beautiful day- the sun was shining and the birds tweeting- we were so lucky. You couldn't have ask for a better day! The kids were all excited to run around and hunt their eggs barefooted and in shorts and t-shirts. We have had all sorts of weather, but this was one of the better days I can remember! It's funny to watch them, I swear sometimes the "little" guys end up with baskets more full than the older kids- we put plenty on the ground and in really obvious spots so they can find them too! The big kids get theirs hidden a bit harder, and it's funny to watch them try to get them out of tree limbs and off higher up spots! They actually did a pretty poor job this year, I think because things were so plentiful (with the missing kids) there was less incentive! In our daily walking since Saturday Wes and I have found 2 lollipops and 2 marshmallow ropes left in the yard!

I'm pretty sure that as I type this, I can see another rope out the window. Yum, it will go nicely with my afternoon coffee!

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