Monday, April 5, 2010

Easter Day

After opening baskets at home, we had the afternoon free (I went for a nice ride!) and then went to Auntie Anna and Uncle Eddie's house for Easter dinner. Bill typically likes to have holiday here, but after hosting our egg hunt Saturday, I was fine with heading up the street for the meal!
It was nice to head off and not be responsible for cooking or cleaning! Anna and Ed recently updated their kitchen- it's so nice! They busted out a wall and really opened up the space. Her cabinets, counters and floors were all redone and are beautiful. She made a lovely ham, and Savanna helped to cut it!
We had plenty of time to hang out, Wes was very cute cooing and chatting and playing with his hands- we brought his favorite dragonfly toy and he laid on the floor for quite a while just kicking and enjoying himself! He had gotten very over tired the day before, so it was nice to have him back on schedule for the holiday. He ate a few times, slept a bit and otherwise just got passed around or played by himself. I am so lucky to have such an accommodating baby!

After dinner there were a few Jenga matches- Bill was professing to be the "Jenga King" until his Mom whupped his butt! Way to go Grandma!! Uncle also set up the badminton net, and they kids played and climbed trees until it was dessert time. Uncle's Dad had sent a bunny cake from a nice bakery in Boston, it was yummy- with coconut for fur.

It was a nice relaxed evening, with good food and good company. A great way to end the Easter holiday. I was happy to leave the mess and not have to clean~ Thanks Auntie!

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